Services & Ordering

Steps in Choosing and installing a Counter

North Shore Stone Works prides itself in producing a fast response to our customer’s requests for quotes. The following are the normal steps in choosing a counter:

  • Bring a drawing of your kitchen configuration – either a cabinet drawing if new cabinets are being installed, or a rough sketch of your existing kitchen layout with measurements.
  • Come to our showroom to discuss stone choices, availability, edge profiles, joint locations, site access, back splash requirements and fixture details such as under mount sinks
  • North Shore Stone Works will produce a quote based upon the above details
  • If the quote is acceptable, timing will be discussed. Customers have the option at this point to select the individual slabs from the wholesaler or view the purchased slabs at North Shore Stone Works yard.
  • North Shore Stone Works will arrange a site measure. Customers should ensure that all fixtures such as sinks, cook tops and faucets are on site
  • North Shore Stone Works will fabricate the job
  • Once near completion an install date will be discussed. Customers should make sure that stoves and other appliances are on site but removed from the counter area. In retro-fit jobs, the old counters and plumbing should be removed, or North Shore Stone Works will arrange removal for a fee. Installations will take anywhere from 3- 5 hours depending upon the complexity of the job
  • Customers should arrange a plumber or appliance installer subsequent to our installation to install sinks and plumbing

Choosing a Stone Fabricator

The Lower Mainland market is very competitive. As with any competitive market differences in quality exist. Some questions to consider are:

  • What is the turnaround time?
  • How completely are the edges polished?
  • Are there any extra charges in the Quote?
  • Am I able to pick my slabs?
  • Are cut outs reinforced with steel?
  • What kind of warranty is included?
  • Are the counters sealed?
  • What edge profiles are they able to fabricate?
  • How well am I able to communicate with the fabricator?

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